vrijdag 1 juni 2012

Paco (16 march 2000 - 1 june 2012)

Last picture, made this morning.
A sad day. Our 12 year old dog Paco (cocker spaniel) passed away. He had already some serious health problems with his back. Together with the vet we decided that there was no use in letting him suffer any longer. Not an easy descision we had to make, I can assure you.

So we try to remember all the good things like, the mountains we climbed together, our daily walk through the Hague Woods, his "unfriendly behaviour" to most other dogs, and his never ending appetite, jumping on the dining table to get our dinner, stealing bread and choclate out of the bags of our guests, and many other memories. But it's quiet in the house, now he isn't walking around.

It's almost five years ago that I started my blog, and my first post was about Paco on a mountain in Austria.

Paco in France 2010.

His favorite basket in my quiltroom.
Snow, that's good.
He really needed a haircut.

One of his favorite acitivities.
After a long walk sleeping with his head on his favorite lion pillow.
They say mud is very good for your skin.
The beach, here we will be leaving his ashes.
Feeling himself really happy.
Paco in his new home in The Hague, his basket wasn't there yet, but the laundry basket seemed a good alternative.

World Championship Football 2010

4 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

So very sad - that grouchy ole boy. I am sure that your house is very quiet - especially when the doorbell rings. I am sorry.

Helen zei

My condolences. So sad to read about Paco. It is never easy to lose a beloved pet. Caring thoughts are with you.

Petra zei

Na weken geen internet is dit het eerste bericht dat ik lees. Wat ontzettend verdrietig, heel veel sterkte. Ik herinner me Paco als de hond die vrolijk mee kwam naar de Quiltwinkel en zich vervolgens keurig gedroeg.

ballardquilter zei

Colby and I are very sad to learn about Paco's passing.