zondag 10 juni 2012

Not without my featherweight

Rob left friday for his cycling holiday to Maastricht and from there into Germany direction Trier, he will be cycling about 650 kilometers. Lucky for him the weather is still pretty good.
Te left house was my grandparents.

My old school

 I left for a weekend to my parents in Epse, where I spend my childhood. Of course, as you can see, with enough quilting equipment to keep myself busy between  walking and cycling. It always feels good to be back. 

Of course I changed their livingroom into a quilting room as my mum was joking. Maybe I took a few too many projects, because she was thinking I would stay for the whole week. Friday my mum and I  took our bikes for some shopping in the country store in Gorssel, a near by village. We're good shoppers and I "needed" some new clothes since I lost about 16 pounds. 

Saturday, a cold and windy day, the three (dad, mum and me) of us went for walk to the house my father was born and where he and his sister grew up. My grandparents were market gardernings. The house was sold around 1979, after they lived there for about 45 years.

My grandparents old house.
Saturday evening was rather disappointed, the dutch football team didn't win from Denmark. Well maybe wednesday evening the next game against Germany will be better. 

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Nana's Quilts zei

Oh so lovely, even if it wasn't too sunny. And nice to imagine all your cycling adventures. Today is Alayne's birthday, so she is coming over for a cup of coffee and a home-made cookie.