woensdag 13 juni 2012

Tuesday "girls" evening

Enough to choose.
 Rob is still cycling through Germany, he's about half way now and arrived in Trier today.

And what about me? I have a busy programm this week, beside going to work I have my fitness (mo, wed, thu), my mindfullness course on monday, and today we had a fantastic evening at Barbara's house. She organised a girls evening: tying/string beads. THANKS.

Angelique our instructor did a vey good job. After a day of work it was sometimes hard for me to get the thread through the beads. But everybody went home with her homemade product.


Special European Football Championship bracelet made by Carolien. She still believes we will be champion ; ).

To give you an idea about the costs, my home-made necklace, 5, 5 euro.
If you also want a "beads" evening with your friends, you can contact Angelique. My programm for the rest of the week: wednesday dinner at Mauce, thursday "mutsenavond" (quiltbee), friday just quiet at home I think/hope. Saturday shopping and dinner with Yolande, sunday quiltday with Dieuwke and Willemijn.
I started cleaning and tidying up my quiltroom, there are several projects waiting to be finished, some of them already waiting a very long time. So I promised myself that I will use sunday to finish some of them.

Rob will be back sunday, and then we have another holidayweek together.
Life is good!!

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Nana's Quilts zei

Oh - how fun. That looks like a great time. We have taken a short class at a bead shop, but even more fun in someone's home. Working on Paige's (graduation) quilt.

quilting Jeannet zei

Je lijkt wel een Gooise vrouw Caro (lol) geniet er van!