woensdag 27 juni 2012

Gift projects

Bep's FW bag, went to Barbara.
No big projects at the moment, just small project to give away, birthdays and other events in life. I like making gifts, it doesn't take an awfull lot of time, you got a quick result, it makes somebody happy and it helps to reduce my stock fabric ; ).

For my sister/brother-in-law together 100th birthday.
Everybody had to give 25 little gifts, so I made an
advents calender.

Birthday Doggie Quilt  for Rob his mum

Puppy quilt, for my collegue Wubbe, he will be
leaving the company and enjoy staying at home being
a pensionado. He also loves dogs, and will be
having a puppy soon.


This is just for me, I finished my sewing mat
for my white FW.
Now something else: for everybody who want to see my antique Spakenburger Quilt in real, it will be showed on the exposition I mentioned in my previous post. I feel pretty "proud".

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