dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Singer Featherweight Day Atelier Bep

I adore my white feather weight.
 How many girls can  you put in Bep's kitchen and livingroom with a Featherweight?

Well the answer is:  24 girls (and we're not featherweight ; ). It was a rainy sunday and they say the temperatures were the same as X-mas 2011. The last time we had such a cold summerday was in 1953.

The girls liked my own design of a  cross stitch FW so if  you like the pattern, it's for free and I can send it to you, or you can print the picture, just follow the link above.
FW-soup, recipe on Bep's blog.

But who cares about rain when you're in Bep's kitchen eating Featherweight soup.  And then there was Mr. Featherweight from Apeldoorn. He knows all about FW's and explained us how to oil the machine etc. And Jeannet with a show-and-tell of her quilts. Bep, Gerard, daughters of Bep,  thanks for taking care of us.

In a few days I will post some little films and pictures about oiling your machine. So keep watching my blog.



And how are things at home. Well it's very quiet, it's strange when you're coming home from work and our four-legged friend isn't there to greet us. Nobody anymore who's playing hide-and-seek with your shoes. We sure miss him!  

After a walk nice and warm on the sofa under my X-mas quilt.

3 opmerkingen:

quilting Jeannet zei

Mag het in het Nederlands Caro? Het was inderdaad eeb superdag waar we nog lang van kunnen genieten, en wat is je witje mooooooi.....

Heleni zei

Hallo Caro,
Het was een superdag zondag.
Ik wil je nog even bedanken voor het leuke patroontje. Ik ga het zeker borduren, als recht geaarde liefhebber van de featherweight.

groet, Heleni

Nana's Quilts zei

What a lovely photo of you! So very nice. I have read Bep's recipe - I will have to refigure the quantities so that it is somewhat smaller for our needs - that's too much, unless you are feeding 24 hungry sewers. Geweldig!