woensdag 27 juni 2012

Crockery in Almen (Brocante)

Why do most quilters also like crockery. Isn't having cupboards full of fabric enough for us. Why do we need also cupboards filled with dishes, cups etc. I really have no idea ; ).

Saturday Rob and I made a bike tour from my parents house in Epse to Almen. There we found this shop full with, cups, plates, dishes and other things you don't need.

The shop is only open on saturday from 10.00 till 16.00 (Bijdehands, Scheggertdijk 6 in Almen).

And by the way if you're in Allmen don't forget to visit the "Staringkoepeltje". It's really really worthwhile, a short walk and then cross the river with a little ferry (by hand). The "Staringkoepeltje", is a little tower along the river Berkel, it's always open. See my post about my visit april 2011.

Oh yeah, Almen is 'close' to Zutphen, about 10-12  kilometers away from Petra Prins, so you see you can fill your whole day.

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Nana's Quilts zei

I don't have my dictionary with me - is that a tea house? Looks very nice. And I do love those little ferries. The dishes are quite sweet, too. I did find you a little something today at Buggy Barn, but it won't get mailed until we get home in a couple of weeks. Tee Hee - you just have to wait.

Supergoof zei

Geweldig! Ik ga snel kijken waar Almen ligt!