donderdag 7 juni 2012

Mr. Featherweight

Bep had a suprise for us. Mr. Featherweight from Apeldoorn (oke his real name is Robert de Bruijn, his phone numbers you can find on his anti-aging and life style website. He knows everything about sewing machines, so also about our Featherweights. So he solved some little problems just there and explained how to keep our machine in  good condition. It's so good to know that if our "loves" need repairs there is somebody to help us. Thanks Bep.

I made two little films (in dutch) where he's telling about what to do:  number 1, number 2.
Just one drop of oil is enough.

Oiling your machine
Depending how often you use your machine it needs once or twice a year some oil. Just put a small drop of sewing machine oil, into all the little holes in your machine. See some examples on on the pictures.

Explanation on film 1 and 2.

And no, you don't need special singer sewing machine oil. Every sewing machine oil is oke.

Here is another youtube film in English about how to take good care of your love one.

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