donderdag 7 juli 2011

Two of my favorite quiltshops

Well, just like Marne I'm having a hard time to catch up with my blog, there is so much going on. I haven't even write about Munster and Bad Bentheim, beautiful towns in Germany, and the lovely castle we visited. But Marne did, so have a look at her blog.

We didn't do a lot of quiltingstuff, but we managed to find time to visit two of my favorite quiltshops. The "100 rozen" in the Wallstraat in Deventer, beautiful location in the old centre, full of history. And then on sunday we went to Atelier Bep, totally the opposite. Her shop is located in the country, in the old pig shed, surrounded by a beautiful garden. Here I found a nice collection of fabrics to go with the fabrics I bought in Spakenburg.

And dear blogreaders, I promise you, my next post will be about quilting.

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