vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Dear quilters .....

....... (especially from the Netherlands), this will maybe come as suprise to you, but Zutphen isn't only known for "Petra Prins Patchwork". There is more to discover in this cute little town on the banks of the river IJssel.

Last wednesday, Marne, Elaine, Dieuwke and I did a tour through Zutphen. PHOTO-IMPRESSION. We visited several gates/places/courtyards (hofjes) where often religious or spinsters lived, and even nowdays still live. During this walk, that you can buy for 3 euro at the Tourist Office (opposite Central Station) we came along the Saint Walburgis Church.
This church is famous for his library, called "The Librije". It's one of the three libraries in the world from the 16th century. It was a public library. The building and the interior library have remained almost unchanged throughout the ages. What makes it so special is that the books are chained to the desks. Some book have chained to the reading desks since the time of foundation. The founders of this library were Conrad Slindewater and Herman Berner. They believed that, if people would read the right books, they would be cured of their errors and become true bleive of the Christian faith. to him this meant the Roman Catholic Faith. The red door leads to the library.

And my dear quiltfriends, don't worry, if you walk the "hofjeswandeling/walk", you will pass the Quiltshop of Petra Prins. Better not tell your non-quilting partners.

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