zondag 17 juli 2011

Grace's quilt

Today was just amazing. You all know I'm working on Grace's quilt. Well today I met the daughter of Grace: Doris. She's a lovely 85 year old woman, and the eldest daughter of Grace. Grace was born the 11th december 1902 or 1903 (they're not sure, they lived in the country, there wasn't any registration except in the family bible wich gives two dates). She was a real farmers daughter. She and her husband Lewis had a farm in Kansas. They had crops, like beans, corn, peas, alfa, strawberries etc. and also some animals: cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and sometimes turkeys. Life wasn't easy in the 1930's. Grace became 90 years old, and died in 1992 of cancer. The farm is still in the family. It feels very special to finish this quilttop that Grace started in the '30s.

On this picture (left) you see three generations of women with the quilt of Grace. On the left, sitting is Doris, standing on the left Susan, her daughter and standing on the right Leah, her granddaughter Leah. And then there is me sitting on the right. I will need to spend some hours with this quilt, but I hope to finish it before autumn.
How did we all met? Well Susan is friend of Marne and Elaine. Leah is studying in the Netherlands, and Susan and Doris were visiting her. Marne bought the quilttop as a present for me at the superfluity at the church. Small world.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Very nice photo. It sure was a lovely afternoon.

willemijn zei

hoi caro, wat ontzettend leuk zeg, een samenkomst rondom een quilttop! Ik ben blij voor je, helemaal jou ding.
Liefs Willemijn

goof zei

Het is zo'n mooi en ontroerend verhaal!