zondag 17 juli 2011

Quilt challenges

That's the problem with us quilt shopping girls. There is always fabric that we really need, and there are always new projects. Two quilt challenges are calling me, the first is Grace's quilt, the second are my "Staphorster" fabrics. With all the bad weather here in the Netherland (some people like myself says that they just got the wrong date 14th october instead of 14 july), and I'm sorry to say the next two weeks aren't looking to good either, there will be quilting time. Grace's quilt, I'm doing hand quilting on this 1930th quilt, and I'm almost half way. Then I bought some very nice 1950's costume fabrics in Rouveen. They're original and very cheerful, but I'm not sure what pattern I will use. Somebody has a suggestion? Before I forget, I got some exciting news about my "antique quilt collection", but I can't tell you now. Just wait and read my blog.

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