zondag 10 juli 2011

Staphorst and Rouveen

Saturday at 8.50 all the girls (Dieuwke, Marne, Elaine and myself) were stuffed in the car on our way north to aunt Joke (Dieuwke's aunt) for a visit. She lives close to Staphorst and Rouveen, very conservative and traditional little villages. We were very warmly welcomed by Joke and Marco, and had tour through their house, wich has all kind of treasures. Joke is also quilter. Just a short report and an photo-impression (click on the link to see all the pictures) of what we did: lunch, quiltshop, museum, second-hand-shop and a really fantastic dinner "bami", cooked by Marco. (We keep him!). I found some lovely old traditional costume fabrics, more about it later. Back home at: 23.00h.

This farm is typical Staphorst, the green stands for: young life, nature, the white stands for: innocence, purity, the blue would protect the family against disasters. Above the door you found the "tree of life", it's and old germanic fertility symbol. In Staphorst and Rouveen are still 500 women who wear the traditional costumes. A few men wear them also, but the youngest is 83 years old. One of the things Staphorst is well known about is painting little polkadots on furniture and clothes, it's called: Staphorster stipwerk. They don't know why they started it, probably to cheer up their black clothes and their furniture. The originally colours are: white, yellow, blue, red and green, painted on black satin. The technique isn't very difficult, you only need: paint and nails in different sizes.

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