zondag 31 juli 2011

Cubic Houses

The Cubic Houses are designed by the Architect Piet Blom in the seventies, and build between 1982-1984 in Rotterdam. The concept behind these houses is that he tries to create a forest by each cube representing an abstract tree. He wanted people to have the feeling: living in a village in a town. We visited one of the houses. They're about 100 square metres. Two steep stairs to get you on the first floor: living room and kitchen, then the second floor: bathroom, bedroom and a study. On the third floor you got your own: three hut under the roof. Imagine living in this house, you have to have a very creative mind. No skyline when you look out of the windows. All the windows are situated that you see the sky or see the ground. All the outside walls are lopsided, not very easy when you want to hang up some curtains. Wanna buy one? They're about 200.000 euros.

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