zaterdag 2 juli 2011

A dutch sport: klootschieten

Marne and Elaine's entertainment programm is pretty filled up. But this is one of the things we really had to taught them: klootschieten (literally translated shooting testicles). It's a very old dutch traditional ball sport, wich date back from around the year 1300 - 1500. Now it's mostly played in the east part of the Netherlands. Most of the time is played on public roads and paths. You have to take care of course, you don't want to hit anything with your kloot (ball made of wood and filled with lead).

How does it works

You need two teams. Each team can be 2 -? people, doesn't care. Each team has a "kloot". The finish can be a spot on the public road, mostly 1 or 2 miles away from your start. You can just say: the finish will be on the corner of that and that road. Team 1 throw the ball underhand as far as they can, and try to stay on the road. Then team 2 throw the ball, and they try to pass to team 1. If they pass team 1, team 1 has to throw again, if they don't pass team 2 has to throw again. Well the idea is to reach the finish in less throws then the other team. You see very simple. MORE PHOTOS

One of Caro and Rob's rules: if you throw it the mud or water you have to take it yourself!

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ballardquilter zei

Marne and Caro,
Did you really give up quilting time for shooting testicles?