dinsdag 26 juli 2011

A cheerful Staphorster Quilt

What are you doing early in the morning, when you're out of your bed? I'm really a morning person. I'm happy, lively, full of energy. Often I'm awake early (6 a.m. isn't an exception), and then I can't stay in my bed.

Time to make a cup of tea, put on the radio, and do some sewing before I leave for work. This is my new sewing machine patchwork. Every evening I do some handquilting on Grace's quilt, so it's more then halfway now, but it's good to have some variaty. This will be a very cheerful quilt, the fabrics are from traditional dutch costumes from Staphorst and Rouveen, period: 1950-1960. I'm always a little bit suprised, this little villages in the Netherlands have strong traditional conservative traditions, about what you can or can't do. But the fabrics are often very cheerful.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Very colorful. It will be a fun reminder of our tme there and all the fabric history that we saw.