dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Stone Soup, High Tea and a Lecture (day 5)

This sounds like a busy day, well it was a busy day.

At 9.15 a.m. hop in the car to Stone Soup. Marne's is a volunteer in this Quiltgroup, they make quilts for people with cancer, every monday they come together, to work on quilts, sort out fabrics etc. Every year I'm with Marne I like to come here, it's good to be back and meet everybody, especially Patty she's the one who organise everything. (Maybe she will come to the Netherlands in october just for a few days).
Suprisingly they even got a tea-kettle now. For us dutch, that sounds strange, but here in the USA everybody takes care of his own tea and coffee, you just take it with you. But now they have a kettle to make it just there.

12.30 p.m. just got home. On our way home we did a few little shoppings for our hightea, a quick lunch, tidy up the livingroom and do the last preparations. We're ready!!

13.45 p.m. Jacqueline arrives, we have a very pleasant time talking dutch, discussing dutch subjects, drinking tea and eating snacks, especially the choclate cookies I made were perfect ; ).

16.15 p.m. Jacqueline leaves the building.

We have just half an hour to get ourself nicely dressed and pick up Maud and Alayne for dinner and a lecture from National Geographic.

17.10 p.m. Arriving at Alayne and Maud, just a quick look at the quilt she just finished and there we go to Palomino for Happy Hour

19.30 p.m. Lecture National Geographic, Joel Sartore, America's Great Wildlife in the Benaroya Hall (Home of the Seattle Symphonie), with two beautiful chandeliers of glass.

9.45 p.m. back home
11.00 p.m. time to go to bed.
Tomorrow: nothing special on our program, some shopping, some quilting.

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^A^ngel zei

wow... you did have a busy day but sound so much fun and exciting...and I know you enjoy every minute of it...

I'm glad you are having such a great time...



Anoniem zei

Lekker poloshirt he, met die lange mouwen? Meid wat heb je toch een goeie smaak!!
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