zondag 6 maart 2011

Seattle Tour (day 10)

My last day in Seattle, tomorrow at 12.55 I'm leaving, back to Amsterdam and my hometow The Hague. I came with 1 suitcase and will be leaving with 2 suitcases! Like always I'm having a great time here. Today it was really nice weather, the first time this week, blue sky with beautiful clouds..

We started with coffee with Neil and Shannon. Neil is Marne's son, and they moved a couple of months ago from Washington DC to Seattle.
They live close to the Salmon Locks, one of my favorite places of Seattle, unfortunelately: not much fish today on the fishladder. Salmon Locks is the border between sweet and salt water, they build a fishladder for the Salmon so they can migrate like they always did.
From there we did some touring along the bay, and what a suprise we ended for lunch at Chinook. Chinook is very good fish-restaurant near the Harbor, here you can also find the ships from the Discovery serie: Deadliest catch.

Well if you thought our day had finished, no way: on 2 p.m. we had a wine taste at their wineshop.

And now, we're all on the sofa, in front of the TV, with a glass of wine, and the leftovers from Churchdinner, and i'm try to catch up with my blog, because tomorrow morning there want be any time left.

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