woensdag 2 maart 2011

The running quilter (Day 6)

What was on the programm today. Well running from shop to shop. Buying the last things I " needed" because the rest of the week the programm is filled with other things, like the Sewing Expo in Puyallup on friday with Ronda and Alayne. So we ran from REI (outdoor shop) to Jo-Ann (craft/quiltshop) to Jill and Jock (running shop), to actually buy running shoes (they're much cheaper here).
And don't forget our lunch!!

This morning we will help in the church with the superfluity sale (rommelmarkt), after lunch we're going to visit Alayne, and the rest of the day: QUILTING. I bought a few more fabrics because a friend of Rob and me is having her 80th birthday on the 20th March, I want her to make her a tablerunner with those fabrics, they don't show out on the picture very well, but they're very soft coloured brown/creme.

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willemijn zei

Hi Caroline, Marne and Elaine, big hugs and kisses from Willemijn! I read that you are having a wonderful time! Have fun at the market and all the other things ..... hugs willemijn
ps. marney you are looking good in the pictures, and Caro, did you have a haircut? And make some more pictures of Elaine ...
Bye bye Willemijn