zondag 6 maart 2011

Sewing Expo (day 9)

Marne, Alayne, Ronda and I , we spend all day on the Sewing Expo in Puyallup (south of Seattle). This Sewing Expo is one of the biggest of the country. We followed two classes one was of Eleanor Burns, she was good. We sing along, we laughed and she told us all about her book " Quilts on American Barns. I think she could be the first stand up comedian quilter, as we would say in the Netherlands: prettig gestoord.
The Sewing Expo is really a good place to get inspiration, and to try out new things. Don't you love those laces, made of quiltfabric, they match with the dress!!!!
Traditionally you start Puyallup with scones, we did, and end it with a root beer float, ice with lemonade, we didn't too cold too wet.) according to Marne. I was so exhausted that I felt asleep in the car when we drove home.

Quilt blocks on American barns

This fun tradition began in 2001 in Adams Country, Ohio, where Donna Sue graves painted a quiltblock on the family's barn to honor her mother, and avid quilter. The local community joined in and soon painted quiltblocks on their barns. These barns has now become tourist's attractions with maps pinpointing each barn location.

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Ballardquilter zei

It was wonderful to spend the day with you. Safe travels home!