zondag 27 maart 2011

Chess game

One of my collegues, will be 65 years old soon, and is going to leave our Department of Social Affairs and Labour. He worked there for a very long time. Over the years we became good friends, drinking coffee together. Because he loves chess I made him this "chess quilt".

On the chess board you see the end of a famous Chess Game. The story dates back to 1454. Two nobleman fell in love with the beautiful Lionora. The father, did want them to make enemy of either suitor or lose them in a duel. He decided the two rivals should play a chess game. The game took place on the square in front of the castle, with armed living persons carrying the ensigns of Whites and Blacks. It's still played every two years in Italy, Marostica.

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Petra zei

Jouw quilt roept herinneringen op. Ooit speelde ik in het Hot theater in Den Haag in een toneelstuk dat we met scholieren zelf geschreven hadden. En raad eens? We waren levende schaakstukken! Uit jouw verhaal blijkt dat we niet eens origineel waren.