vrijdag 27 mei 2011

What about quilting?

Our friend Ronda was complaining: what about quilting. Well Ronda, we did some quilting, but no so much. We were busy running around through The Hague, go to market, visit old buildings, have lunches, preparing dinners, shopping at AH and all that kind of tourist stuff.

But today we also spend some time in my sewing room. Marne brought me a lovely package from "Stone Soup" (Marne is a volunteer there, they making quilts for people with cancer). Each year when I'm Seattle I visit them and do a little voluntary work myself. It's always good to be there. So it was a big suprise that Parry (she organize this group) gave this lovely fabric to Marne for me, to make my own Stone Soup Quilt. Well with some help of Marne, I'm half-way now. And I decided not to keep this very special quilt to myself, but it give it away to the parents of a friend of Rob who died 20 years ago of cancer.

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ballardquilter zei

What a relief to read about quilting. I was becoming very worried that you and Marne had forsaken quilting for other hobbies such as running, sightseeing and eating. Thank you for putting my mind to rest.