maandag 30 mei 2011


The weather isn't perfect, but still good enough to do "outside things". Yesterday my parents came along and we all visited the Japanese garden in Clingendael. It's only open 6 weeks in springtime and two weeks in autumn.

By the way: we even managed to finish the top of the Stone Soup Quilt yesterday.

The Japanese garden was created in the beginning of the 20th century by the former owner of the country estate of Clingendael, Marguérite, M. Baroness van Brienen (1871 - 1939), also called Lady Daisy. She sailed off a number of times by ship to Japan and brought back to the Netherlands a number of lanterns, a water cask, sculptures, the pavillion, the little bridges and several plants.

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willemijn zei

hoi dames, de top is al af! Harde werkers! Stonesoup is vast trots!
ps. ik herken het huisje achter jullie, ik was zaterdag ook in clingendael!
Liefs Willemijn

Simone zei

Leuk om die foto's van Clingendael te zien; dat was vroeger mijn "achtertuin"!