donderdag 5 mei 2011

My kitchen

Wanna have a look in my kitchen. Just follow me. I just added a new "kitchenquilt": "Some days chicken, some days feathers". Sometimes you succeed, and sometimes you fail. Foxes another wild animals often eat chicken, but when the chicken espaces the fox only gets feathers wich he can't eat.

My kitchen, although it's rather small and tiny, is full with all kind of stuff. That's not because I'm a great cook, but because Marne bought some things when she was visiting me two years ago. She's a great cook but she was missing some "equipment" like measuring spoons. Well they're still waiting for her, hardly used, like new. The globe got two hearts on it: The Hague - Seattle.

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Marne zei

What a really lovely kitchen - I think I would like to come and cook in it. :->