zondag 22 mei 2011

Quilting on sunday morning

There is so much going on. Life is so exciting at the moment. Marne and Elaine are still asleep, so I hope they're over their jetlag. Paco and I are very quiet in my quiltroom. Last week Katie send me this nice flowerblocks, and they were calling me. Marne and I were discussing would you tea dye the muslin to make it look more older, or leave the muslin as it is? I think I prefer to use the muslin just as it is, and keep the quilt as originally as it is. Using old and new fabrics. Now it only needs a sashing and a border. Well all the excitement isn't over. Marne took a beautiful quilttop from the '30's with her for me, and it got a story as well. More about it this week. Well wish me good luck today I'm going to run 5 km today, it's a charity run.

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kate zei

Caroline! This is so beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished. So happy these were yours. All the best, Katie