dinsdag 24 mei 2011

Through The Hague

After catching up our blogs in the morning we went for a little tour through The Hague, along their favorite shops: Dille & Kamille, Hema etc. And when we were having luch on the "Plein" we were just laughing that when we look at the pictures of our holidays together, foods seems to be an important part of it ; ).

On the picture you see Marne and Elaine in front of the " Torentje" (little tower). The Hague is the seat of the dutch government. And this little tower is the office of our prime minister (Marc Rutte) since 1982. On the other side it's looking over the "Hofvijver". It was build around 1400, and used as a kind of "summerhouse" of the Landgraves of Holland.

Well they will be away for three days now, off to Vlieland to met Elaine's brother and sister-in-law. Our house will be very quiet.

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ballardquilter zei

What about the quilting? Have you and Marne forgotten the purpose for living?