zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Update last week

What happened? For some reason it seems we had a rather busy week. Lots of things are going on. Saturday morning I picked up Rob in Den Helder (far north-west of the Netherlands), and then we drove all through the Netherlands, to the far east to celebrate Rob's mum 65 birthday in the afternoon.

Sunday we went to Martin and Lies, so my Stone Soup Quilt got a new home. They were very pleased with it.

Monday we did a house inspection in Delft. Marne and Elaine moved to a very cute "little" house in Delft. I forgot my camera so for pictures just click on the link. Then on tuesday we decided it would be nice to buy a second e-bike. Rob got a e-bike for several years and he loves it, and now Paco (our dog) is getting older and not in the mood for very long long walks, we can do more cycling. The bike was delivered yesterday. So we suprised Marne and Elaine at 21.15 in the evening with a short visit. Their temporarily house is only 10 kilometers away from ours. And then I forgot I went to a musical friday afternoon. Wich was really nice, it's called: Crazy Hospital. Yolande's son Peter (12 years old) is leaving primary school. In the afternoon aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and grandparents were welcome to watch their musical.

Any quilting going on. Yes of course! I basted "Grace's quilt", you know my '30's quilttop Marne gave me. I started quilting, just to see what it will look. Pictures will follow. I now have to find a binding. There is a new quiltshop in Naaldwijk, rather close to The Hague, maybe I have to check that out, because it will be a rainy saturday morning. Of course Dieuwke and I spend some quilting time together this week. Monday evening our quilting bee will be at Marne and Elaine in Delft. It will be a warm day in the Netherlands, so their garden will be a nice place to sit. And hurrah, I got holiday for a whole week.

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