donderdag 30 juni 2011


It's hard to catch up with my blog, so many things are going on. And we're having such fun all together. PHOTOS SPAKENBURG

Today we went to Spakenburg to the Quilt and Traditional Costume Museum. I think it's my favorite museum in the Netherlands! It's very small, only three rooms, it's all run by volunteers, but they do such a lovely job, and you can have a private tour, and they tell you all about the different costumes. Especially for the mourning costumes they're special rules. For example, when a relative dies you wear for 5 years mourning clothes, and then for 7 monthes another mourning costume with lighter colours and then another 3 weeks another colour. When you go to the funeral you wear black, completely black, even the children. After the funeral you wear different kind of purples, depening if it's your husband, grandma, brother, niece, aunt etc, the purple is more dark. The man in the museum told us, when you have a big family you probably wear your all life mourning costumes. Remember, 5 years! Doesn't that sound depressing.

Marne and I went mad with all the beautifull fabrics, and we both bought something special. More about it later.

And if you think you can see this traditional costumes only in the museum. Well look at the lady with the shoppingchart.

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