donderdag 30 juni 2011

Palace Het Loo

We (Marne, Elaine, Rob and me) are hanging around on the Veluwe (it's in the middle of the Netherlands where our summerhouse is). We're having a good time with visiting all interesting places. Wednesday afternoon we went to "Palace Het Loo". PHOTOS .
The palace was a residence of the House of Orange-Nassau from the 17th century until the death of Queen Wilhelmina in 1962. It's a beautiful palace, inside there are many rooms you can visit, like the bedroom of Queen Wilhelmina with all her toys. And in the stables there are many wagons/carriages, like the white carriage that drove Wilhelmina and Henry when they died to the New Church in Delft. Or the carriage Wilhelmina did her painting, and the toy-car Prince Claus (married to Queen Beatrix) made for his sons Willem-Alexander, Constantijn and Friso.

Very interesting was the exhibition about "Princess Maxima, 10 years in the Netherlands" , unfortunetaley we couldn't take any pictures, but it was so nice to see her weddingdress, and other clothes she did wear at special events. Want to know something interesting about her? She got "big feet", size 42 (9,5 USA).

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