vrijdag 3 juni 2011

A new antique quilt

You all know I love Antique Quilt Tops. I really love to restore them and turn them into new quilts. Marne is helping me. She bought this lovely quilttop at the Superfluity at her Church. It's partly made of feedsack, and it's made around 1930-1940. It's in pretty good condition, considering it age. It got a few spots and some loose seams, wich can be easily repaired. The quilt measures about: 68 inch x 80 inch.

But what's so interesting about this quilt she knew who made it, and suprisingly I met her granddaughter Susan and greatgranddaughter Leah in june 2009 at Marne.

This is what we know about the quilt now, but I hope to figure out some more.

The quilt was made by Grace Taylor-Turner, 70 or 80 years ago. Some of the white and all of the pink is made of feedsack. Feedsacks they used for their cattle and their piggs. Grace lived in Ottawa, Kansas. Doris Sullivant (daughter of Grace) lives now in Lawrence (Kansas). Doris her daughter is Susan Hack who lives in Seattle (she's the lady I met in june 2009, because her daughter Leah went for studing to the Netherlands).

More suprises are coming. Susan and Doris are probably coming to the Netherlands in july to visit Leah. It would be wonderful to meet them, and learn more about the live of Grace. I still got lots and lots of questions.

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Steffi´s Candy Quilts zei

Hello from Germany! :-)
Your old new quilt top is very beautiful! I´m sure you´ll make a nice quilt out of it. (space for some fancy quilting in the white squares) I love the quilts from the 1930s, too, and I made some out of reproduction fabrics.
PS: we visited Casteel Cannenburch, too.