maandag 6 juni 2011

The "Remise"

The Hague got lot of nice suprises. With Marne and Elaine visiting us, we learn new things about our own town. Like this museum. The weather wasn't what they had predicted, and because their new house in Oegstgeest is close to The Hague, we called them to spend a fun afternoon together in the Museum for Public Transport. They have several old trams, and we made a tour with a tram of 1921 through The Hague. Very noisy, very shaky, and no comfortable seats. Half way we switched to a tram of the '60's, much more comfort. This museum is really fun (and it's free, wich is very undutch, you only pay 3 euros for a tramride). Isn't that amazing. I think we will visit this museum more often. The Remise (building were they keepstore the trams) was build in 1906. It was originally build to do service and repair for the electric trams in The Hague. The building was used till 1983. In 1989 it became a museum. The museum is only open on sunday.

More information:
The Hague Public Transport Museum.

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