vrijdag 10 juni 2011

Brugge and Gent

What happened this week? Marne and Elaine are still here in the Netherlands, so we spend our wednesday evening quiltbee together at Dieuwke. Thursday morning we drove to Gent and in the afternoon we drove to Brugge. The weather was pretty good, although this morning it looked rather grey and cloudy. But after our boattrip the sun began to shine and we even had our lunch outside. We spend two lovely days together. Brugge and Gent are really worthwhile visiting, although the cities are totally different. Now we (Rob, Paco and me) are back in our summerhouse, and Marne and Elaine went back to Oegstgeest, making a stop in Middelburg to visit their friend Leah. (She's the great granddaughter of the lady who made the quilttop Marne gave me). This weekend: maybe some quilting, and a lot of studying, I got an exam on tuesday.

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