vrijdag 3 juni 2011

Castle Cannenburch : quilt exposition

"Quilts van Goede Huijse, van noodzaak tot tijdverdrijf". That's the name of the exposition, it means something like: in the past they need to make quilts, to keep warm, now we do it because we like to do it (pass time). I think from all the Quilt Expositions I know, this expo in Vaassen has the most beautiful location. Although I must say the exposition was a little bit disappointed, lots and lots of modern quilts, just one antique quilt, and a few traditional quilts. What happened to traditional quilts? Lots of quilters like myself love them. But the castle itself is very beautiful, with lots of old paintings, furniture and crockery.

We met several people, Mattie, Simone, Jeltje and Bep, wich was really nice, and we did a little bit of quiltshopping. I couldn't resist this "sewing kit". Now I only have to make it. There also was interesting stall about dying fabrics, they do workshops. I think I would like to try that once. Unfortunetaley you weren't allowed to make any pictures in the Castle. The only quilt on a picture is the quilt hanging outside.
History of the castle In 1543 the dutch field marshall Maarten van Rossum bought the ruins of a house. He did a lot (re)building and in 1555 his nephew Hendrik van Isendoorn รก Blois finished it. In 1865 the last heir of the family died. Then it got several owners. After World War II, the Foundation "Geldersche Kastelen" got hands on it. They restored it, and now it's open for public.

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