zondag 10 april 2011

With the ferryboat over the Berkel ....

... a river in the east part of the Netherlands. This is a walk we made yesterday with my parents to the Staring Tower. It's a very small tower, along the river Berkel between the meadows. You can only reach it with the "ferryboat". The Staringkoepel was the favorite place of miss Constantina E.T. Staring (she died in 1893), daughter of the famous poet Staring. The tower was restored to his previous state a couple of years ago. A part of one of his most famous poems:

Wij schuilden onder droppelend loover,

Gedoken aan de plas,

De zwaluw glipte 't weivlak over,

En speelde om 't zilveren gras,

Een koeltjen blies, met geur belaĆ¢d;

Het leven door de wilgenblaĆ¢d.

If you want to make this walk, you can park your car at the Boevinkbrug, between Almen and Lochem (easy to find with googlemaps), from there it's a 15 minute walk. There is also a walk from 8 kilometers you can make.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Ontbijt klinkt lekker. (spelling???) I thought of you folks this morning while I made breakfast. :-> And the little walk with the ferry ride looks wonderful. I can't wait! Say "Hi" to your parents.