maandag 18 april 2011

Germany Cycling Tour

My DH Rob and his friend Tale were this weekend away for a cyclingtrip through Germany, they started just before the German border. In four days they cycled 415 km. Bad Bentheim and Osnabrück are really worthwhile visiting. If you interested we can send you the route in GPX, and the adresses of the B&B. Just leave a comment.

Friday: Hengelo - Lühnen, 100 km

Saturday: Luhnen - Löhningen, 110 km

Sunday: Löhnngen - Dörente, 120 km

Monday: Dörente - Hengelo, 95 km

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Marne zei

Excellent and yes, thank you, I hope to visit Bad Bentheim with our two favorite Haag-ers.
M & E