zondag 17 april 2011

Show-and-tell in the garden

Our DH's are still away. Any better ideas then spending a sunny sunday in the garden, quilting together. We really had a great time.
I did my first show-and-tell about my Antique Quilts.

The first I showed is my logcabin, bought in Issequa, dated around the ''30's. It's the most special one, because with this quilt my antique collection started.

My blue-white dates from the second half of the 19c, it was originally tied. The small quilt with the rectangles is from the same period. The eightpointed stars are from around 1900-1910, just like the the purple/pink logcabin. The improved nine-patch I got from Ronda, we think it got fabrics from the fourties and fifties. And last but not least my quilt with antique dutch costume fabrics.
Want to see all the quilts showed and everything else that happened, click on PHOTOS.

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ballardquilter zei

I wish I had there for your garden quilting party. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time quilting in the Spring sun. You have done wonders with the quilt I gave you. The maker, a woman in Texas, would be happy to know the quilt now lives at Caro's home for old and unwanted quilts.