zaterdag 23 april 2011

De witte pimpernel

I have been lazy the last two days. I didn't do any quilting. So what did I do instead of quilting: reading in the garden, walking through the woods, running with Paco, buying new clothes for work and I visited a quiltexpo in the quiltshop "De Witte Pimpernel" in Oene. Today it's the last day, so you have to wait till next year. The quilts they showed were very modern, I myself prefer the more conservative style, but I always like to look at work from other quilters. And it was a nice cycling tour, about 36 km. Near the quiltshop is the mill, where we bought flour for cakes, bread and pancakes. Don't you love this old sewing machine for the floursacks.

Paco also enjoys himself very much, he has found all kind of spots to dig holes.
Getting bored on Easter Monday, and you don't want to visit the "furniture shops", Atelier Bep is open.

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Marne zei

Terrific. I do like the cows and the poppies. Yes, modern, but quite nice and not too crazy colors and designs. And Mr. Paco looks very comfortable in the dirt. Soon!