vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Quiltfun in Katwijk

Katwijk? Yes Katwijk.

That's where Marne and I were last night.

How did we come there?

Marne and Yvonne met on the internet, both quilters, both doing something with travelling and RV's through the USA. You know how that works.

So Yvonne invited us to join her quiltbee on their regular thursday eve. We really had a good time with Yvonne, Yvonne, Mariëlle and Patricia. And of course had a little show-and-tell.

Yvonne lives in a house that was build in 1805. She grew up in this house, and after the death of her parents she came back again.

What makes this house extra special is the Jewish cemetary in the backyard, it dates from 1758.

2 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Leuk dat je ook al geblogd hebt over jullie bezoekje. Was gezellig jullie er een avondje bij te hebben. Nog veel plezier deze week samen. (o ja, en het huis is van 1805, ietsjes ouder dus, de begraafplaats van 1758) groetjes, Yvonne

Anoniem zei

was heel gezellig gisteren leuk dat jullie langs kwamen.

Gr Marielle