donderdag 9 mei 2013

Geertje, Steventje and Maria .....

..... the three sisters of the Mariahoeve (small farm) in Putten.

What made their life so special. Well their father bought in 1905 some land and build a little farm on it in 1907.

After the death of their parents Maria, Geertje, Steventje and their brother Gerrit run the farm. If you enter the farm, the time hasn't passed since the begin of the 20th century. They worked and lived (till 2003 when the last sister Maria died), as their parents did. They had electricity, and later on a telephone, but no washingmachine, they didn't use any electric except for lamps.

Although their brother had bought them a electric washing machine in the 60s and did all the washing.

After his death in 1973 they never used it again. They were afraid of it. So they did the old way again.

And that was with everything, they did the old way, without machines. There was a vegetable garden, apple trees, some chickens a few cows, pigs and a horse. All day they were working. After the death of Maria in 2003 the farm became a museum. And this museum is as I call a little treasure, really worthwhile visiting it. Marne, Rob, Elaine and I had a great tour!!!!!
Here is a photo impression of our tour.

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3 opmerkingen:

Bernadette van Gils zei

wat mooi om te zien dat al dat ouds zo goed bewaard blijft.
Wat zullen jullie genoten hebben.
Prachtige foto's

Martine zei

Wat een bijzonder museum en leuke foto's.
Zag heel wat spulletjes die ook bij mijn Oma stonden.

Ballardquilter zei

Are you shopping for some new underpants? I think you have the wrong size.