vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Museum Spakenburg

With two Seattle girls around, there is so much going on. We discover a lot in our own country.

And some activities we did check before they came. Like for example this Museum in Spakenburg.

There are two museums in Spakenburg, and they're both lovely.
You have the "Klederdracht en Visserij Museum" behind the church. It's also a little paradise for  quilters because you can buy a second-hand costume fabrics there, and the quiltshop with Spakenburger fabrics is just 100 yards away. But we had to skip that. Running out of time ; ).

The museum we visited was the Museum Spakenburg, close to the harbour. At the moment they have an exposition about clothes and fabrics. Photo impression of Spakenburg and the Museum.


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