maandag 6 mei 2013

Featherweights at Atelier Bep

My Spakenburger Quilt made of old purple mourning fabrics.
What a lovely sunny sunday we had.

It makes me so happy to meet all the other quilters chatting and sharing quilting.

And what made it very special that I could share it with my friend from Seattle.

You never get bored at Bep, there is so much to see. There is the kitchen with coffee, cake and soup. Her shop in the pig shed. Filled up with fabrics, pattern and other stuff, we quilters, desperately need. And her garden with chairs and tables where you can sit and just quilt.

What else is there to say: Life can be so good!

Here is an photo impresssion of the Featherweight Day.


2 opmerkingen:

bep zei

Carolien je quilt was geweldig om te zien en wat was het gezellig met jullie,jammer dat ik niet meer tijd had, maar ik had zoveel om voor te zorgen, gezellige dag, Bep

Nana's Quilts zei

It really was a delightful day! But you have so many photos of that lady with the red shirt - gracious. :-)