zondag 5 mei 2013

Saturday and sunday

In the weekend (20 and 21th april) my parents came over to meet Marne and Elaine. We started at Mauce on saturday eve. Famous dish at Mauce is their chickensate!!!! Very good.

On sunday after lunch we made cyclingtour to Meijendel.

A carpet of white flowers was covering the Haagse bos (wood).
We passed the Queen's palace Huis Den Bosch, but don't nobody there to invite us for a cup of tea.

When you're  cycling over the Waalsdorpervlakte you will pas a big bell. The bell sounds only once year on the 4th of mai. To remember all the people that were killed in World War II, and UN missions.

Next to bell you will find a little monument to remember the people that were shot here because of their resistance against the Germans.

Gourmet party in the evening!!!!!!!!

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