zaterdag 24 september 2011

St. Marie-aux-Mines (5) The Amish

Don't worry, this is my last post about St. Marie-aux-Mines. But there was so much to see, that I really had to tell you all about it. There is a special connection between the Amish and St. Marie-aux-Mines, as they say about this village: birth of the Amish. The Amish movement was founded in 1693 by Jacob Amman, who lived here. A very interesting exposition in the church. We had to visit it after 11.30, first there was of course the church services. Different Amish quilts were exposed and they were all for sale. Well on sunday (our last day) we were through our budget but we enjoyed the exhibition. And I think there handquilting is astonishing. Traditionally the Amish make quilts for weddings, births and Amish charities - especially to help member of the community to pay medical bills, since they refuse to take out any insurance. The quilt on the picture is from around 1910-1920, "hole in the barn" is a rare design among Amish quilts. So is the applique quilt, very unusual, normally they don't do applique, too mondaine. In the logcabin quilt (made around 1920), is the yellow really an eye-catcher. Yellow was never used in Amish quilts, but occasionally they found quilts in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. It's motivated by tradition not to use yellow, but none of the Amish can explain why. So perhaps it comes from the Western tradition that this colour symbolises the traitor, the fool, the forger and the adulterous woman.MORE PICTURES TO ENJOY

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ballardquilter zei

Thank you for sharing the photos from your trip. The location and quilts are so beautiful. I just picked up a copy of a book about the Le Rouvray quilt shop. Your blog has helped me learn more about French quilting.
Right now, I am not making quilts. I am working on a cat bed shaped like a big fish. It takes a whole different set of sewing skills! Making a quilt is easier than sewing a fish.

Joke zei

Een slechte eigenschap, jalouzie, maar een ietsjepietsje jalours ben ik nu wel, te lezen dat je in het quilters-mekka bent geweest ... fijn dat je zo uitgebreid met ons deelt :)