woensdag 28 september 2011

More about Grace´s quilt

Grace´s quilt is finished!!! Just to remember you. The quilttop was originally made by Grace Taylor-Turner, in the 1930s, probably 1938/1939 according to her daughter Doris. She used feedsacks, fabric from curtains, dresses, and even traded little pieces of fabrics with friends and neighbours, consider all the different fabrics. For some reason it was never finished. Marne took the quilttop with her for me, and I finished it. Now I´m busy to find as much information about the quilt and Grace as possible. So I´m still in contact with Doris, her daughter, and Susan her granddaughter. 

The pattern is called `country roads`. How did the women get the patterns in the 1930s? Well newspapers published them. The Kansas City star actually began printing patterns for quilters in 1926, they carried on this tradition 1961. But the Kansas City Newspaper wasn´t the only one, many other rural papers did the same. How could Grace get her pattern? They they lived close to Kansas City.

Well I asked Susan and she asked her mother. They didn´t read the Kansas Newspaper, but they read a local newspaper out of Topeka, called the "Capper´s weekly". Doris thinks that her mother found the pattern maybe in the Heart and Home section of this weekly newspaper. She remembered that this section often had quiltpatterns. So you see, more bits and pieces about Grace and her quilt.

The `Capper´s weekly` started in 1913 and was ceased in december 1986. From 1906 till 1913 it was called the Kansas Weekly Capital. After 1986 it succeeded as the Capper´s.

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Steffi´s Candy Quilts zei

Congratulations on the finished quilt! It is such a beauty, and the pictures are pretty, too. You are very lucky to own such a heirloom. The 30s are my favorite quilt era, too.

Nana's Quilts zei

Very nice of course. I was asked to write an article about this quilt and you and me and and and for the church newsletter. When I get that done I'll send you a copy. Just to be sure you are clear: Susan is Doris' daughter and Doris' granddaughter is Leah (now doing an exchange in Ireland and enjoying it, I'm told.)

Petra zei

Congratulations with this very very beautiful quilt! Again a lovely quilt and a lovely story to add to your collections. Have a nice weekend, Petra