zondag 11 september 2011

Experiences in Paris

Tomorrow we're going home. We had a lovely weekend in Paris (actually 2,5 day). Here are some of our experiences. We had a rather cheap but very good hotel, quiet and clean rooms. Breakfast was pretty good, not very french. For us dutch they even had cheese. For the americans: serials with milk. Free acces to the internet, and a big public parking space under the hotel, public transport around the corner. For us dutch easy to reach because it's in the north part of Paris. If you do Paris by bike like we did, you can park your bike in the luggageroom in the lobby of the hotel. The hotel is next to the fleamarket (open on saturday and sunday), we spend several hours there exploring antique shops, it's an amazing place. The disadvantage of this hotel, it's not the nicest neighbourhood, there are a few restaurants easy to walk. We didn't visit the museum Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, longs rows, if you really want to visit those places then it's a good idea to make reservations on the internet at home. Safes you lots of times. Instead of long rows we visited the Paris Opera, beautiful inside, and only a 8-minute row. I especially loved their floortiles and ceilings. Cycling experiences: it's crowded, but with our GPS we could easily find our way to the "poi" (points of interest). In the 2,5 days we were here, we cycled almost along every interesting place. Paris is rather flat, only when you cycling around the Sacre Coeur (situated on a hill with a beautiful view) you need your gears. Although they say there is 400 km of cyclepaths, we didn't found them. Most of the time we could use the lanes for the busses. There are a few separate cyclepaths but that's more an expection. At the Tourist Office you can get a free map with cycling tours, but it's not very detailed, we would recommend a GPS. The Bois de Boulogne, is vey nice place if you want to get out of the crowded streets. We had a very nice picknick there. Conclusion: we loved exploring Paris by bike

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Nana's Quilts zei

Thanks for telling us about your Paris trip. Those ceilings (plavond?) are beautiful!!!! And the flea market looks like it would be a wonderful adventure, even if you didn't buy. All that looking. I have heard of that quilt shop - so very interesting. Expensive? I would expect it was. A marvelous way to combine Rob's wishes and yours. Bravo!