maandag 19 september 2011

Sainte Marie aux Mines (1)

It's good that I got another day free from work (monday). Dieuwke and I spend an amazing weekend in Sainte Marie Aux Mines (France) for the Quilt Exhibition "Carrefour du Patchwork". The exhibtion is divided over 4 little villages, sometimes in a church, sometimes in a villa, chapel or theatre. So much experiences that I can tell you all in one post. So several will follow. The pictures are just a short impression of what we did and saw. Did we buy a lot? No not really, I didn't buy any fabric, but I did a buy an old baby crib quilt from around 1850, so that was easy, no budget left. And did you ever heard of Cathy Miller, well we didn't, she a singing quilter, lovely songs (folk style), so we bought three CD's. And don't your love our B&B?

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Nana's Quilts zei

Fabulous B & B. Wow - can't wait for more photos (or do an album, please). I'll send you our Fair photos separately. Glad you had a good time.