vrijdag 23 september 2011

St. Marie-aux-Mines (3) Waggas and Cathy Miller

There are always new things to learn. One of the exhibitions we really liked was about old australian quilts and waggas. I never heard of waggas. But waggas, sometimes called woggas or woggers, are australian quilts. Originally made by men from wheat bags or 150lb. jute flour bags. The men would sew 4 or 5 unopend bags together to cover them in the night. Can you imagine how heavy this quilts were.

It's not sure where the name "waggas" came from. Maybe from the town Wagga Wagga, or maybe it was the Wagga Wagga Flour Mill from the Milling company in Murrumbidgee, full in production in the 1890s. Nobody knows for sure. Around the turn of the 19c life changed. Sugar, flour and many other goods came 25. and 50lb. bags. Women used these fabrics to make quilts. Some originally waggas where later covered by patchwork. Nowdays the term "wagga" is often used as a sort of generic term to refer to any improvised functional quilt. Pictures: the applique quilt is made in 1860, the wagga quilts is from the 1930s, so is the nursery rhyme quilt. MORE PICTURES

There even is a song about "Waggas" by Cathy Miller. A singing quilter!!!! Don't miss her on the next exhibition, she's really good, and her songs are really fun, with lots and lots of quiltingjokes. My favorite is the Wagga Song, I did put a short film on: YOUTUBE WAGGA SONG , and the text of the choir so you can sing it too.

I need another wagga.
When the wind blows in the door.
In need another wagga.
When the cold creeps on the floor.
Your man has gone, there's no more wood.
The kids are growing thin.
I'll turning my hand to winter's call.
And make another wagga.

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