dinsdag 6 september 2011

Holiday impression

The first week of our three weeks holiday we spend in Germany in the Wirftall. We couldn't believe it, but we had sun and blue skies for the whole week, so good after this rainy summer in the Netherlands. Most of our time we spend making "walks" (8-10 km), I think the paws of our dog are a little bit shorter after this week. some typical german things we did:

Kaffee und Kuchen (Coffee and Cake) at 16.00 p.m. Bratwurst (sausage) on sunday morning listening to the local band, Schnitzels. Friday we're going to Germany or Belgium for a 5-day cycling tour, my parents will take care of Paco. But it's all depending the weather.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Oh wow - I can't wait to hear more details. You saw lots of animals - that is very cool. Happy cycling and stay safe. We will chat soon.

Petra zei

Wat een geluk dat zonnetje. Veel plezier (en mooi weer) op de fiets. Je quilts gaan er prachtig uit zien. Weer grote aanwinsten voor je collectie! Groetjes Petra