donderdag 25 augustus 2011


....... it just takes some time to find the right border. As I told you in one of my earlier posts. This is a 40s-50s traditional costume fabric from Spakenburg. I didn't want to cut up the fabric in pieces. The size is about: 41 inches x 59 inches, 104 cm x 150 cm. So just a border around, that seems not too complicated. I bought traditional "chintz" fabric at the Haan en Wagenmaker. Using half-square triangles seems very traditional consider the book of An Moonen about dutch quilt history. Many old dutch quilts just have a big one piece centre fabric with a border. I arranged the half-square triangles around the quilt. Hmmm not what I expected. Be brave: cut them again, make hourglasses. Hmmm, the pattern is much better, and it's still a very traditional pattern for dutch quilts. Hmmmm, I still wasn't very happy with my choice. I don't know: is it the fabric, is it the colourscheme? Like a friend of my said: too many medium colours. Well maybe try other fabrics, I got these in my stock. Hmmmm, it seems that these colours make me happy, and make the quilt very warm. Put the squares on point, not bad, use a cream fabric for the side, sounds good, and a small velvet purple ribbon between the border and the centre. Well let's give it a try.

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Nana's Quilts zei

I really like the dark line between the center and the border. Very nice.

Anoniem zei

eh..geplaatst op 2:49?? Wat moet ik me daarbij voorstellen? Was je een beetje aan het nachtbraken?
groetjes, Dieuwke