zondag 21 augustus 2011

It's so dutch ....

to complain about the weather. And I'm not complaining quickly about the weather, but I'm sick and tired of this dreadful weather. I really longing for some sunshine. The weatherman promised us a very nice, warm and sunny weekend. Friday and saturday wasn't too bad, but not what they promised us. Sunday morning, Rob, Paco and I went for a walk, there were some clouds... but we were confident. This would be a nice day. Well it started nice, and then half-way of our walk, the clouds were getting darker and darker, and then there was thunder, and we were in the middle of the heathland/moor (heide). And then the rain came, lots of rain. Soaked and wet we came back at our car, and went straight home to The Hague. Back to my sewing machine ; ).

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