maandag 1 augustus 2011


Still two days to go before Marne and Elaine are leaving. Oh our life will be so quiet after they're gone. Yesterday we did a cyclingtour. Through the Hague Woods to House Den Bosch (here lives Queen Beatrix). Then Wassenaar, we saw some nice houses for sale, but they will be probably over budget. From Wassenaar we went to Meijendel, and then back through the dunes to Scheveningen. I'm still amazed, living in a "big" town, how many nice cyclingtours we can make here.

Weather report
It was suprisingly well on sunday. We even got some blue sky. I think we haven't seen blue skies for several weeks. I thought this would be the worst summer ever. But no, the facts tell us different:

In 1913 the average temperature in july was: 15C (59F). This year it was: 15.9C (60.6F). Seems we have no reason to complain ; ).

In 1954 lots and lots of wind, there were only 138 hours of sun. Normally it's: 206. This year we got 143 hours of sun.

But the worst summer ever must be the summer of 1919, 103 hours of sun, and days with temperatures around 11C (51.8F).

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